New Year’s Resolutions

So, what did 2017 have in store for you?

Was it your resolution to join the gym, apply for a new job, quit smoking or start a sugar-free diet?

The start of a new year may have seemed like a great opportunity to make changes and embark on something you’d been meaning to do for a while – how did that go for you? January 1st wasn’t a magical day when we had an improved chance of success. In fact, you’re setting a course for failure by choosing a non-specific day in the diary. If we really want to achieve certain goals, why don’t we take action today?

We put things off because of a variety of excuses:

today we’ve got a deadline at work, or

we’re too busy running the children around, or

we’ve already invited someone over for dinner, or

it’s raining, or

our favourite TV show is on.

The problem is that all of these other things will still be happening next month, so we’ll just have one day off, well it’s not a good week, I’ll start next month, might as well make it a resolution for next year.

Learnt Behaviour

No one is born a procrastinator, but over time some people learn to channel their energy into avoidance techniques, excuses and distractions. Their ability to self-motivate has been lost and even when they know that they are procrastinating, they continue to do it.

There are many reasons why people feel unable to take action, maybe one of the suggestions below strikes a chord with you?

As children we may never have been given the freedom to make our own decisions; everything was done for us, so we’ve not learnt how to self-regulate, make decisions or work towards our goals.

We may be overly focused on what others think and have concerns that if we try, we give it our best shot and we don’t succeed, we will be seen as failures. We might believe it is better to be seen as ‘not being bothered’ rather than ‘not having the ability’ to achieve.

Others fear success. Achieving a goal is likely to lead to change, new things could happen, others will have different expectations about us. It might feel preferable to stick with what we know, even if it isn’t fulfilling.

For some the adrenalin rush that they get from the last minute panic is a reason for repeatedly putting things off. We know we are selling ourselves short as we hurry to get something completed in the final hour or minutes, but we are addicted to that buzz.

This buzz can tie into some people’s desire for instant gratification. Working towards our goals, planning, preparing in advance can seem boring. The potential reward is far in the distance and might never be realised, but the moment of excitement offered by a distraction is immediate… ’another game on Candy Crush and then I’ll start work on my CV…I wonder who came up with the idea for this game, I best look that up…’

Another reason can be a lack of goals. If we have no idea about what we would like to achieve, what would make us feel successful or how we would like to live our life, it is understandable that we can’t take the steps towards those aspirations.

Had Enough of Holding Yourself Back?

If you really do want to get fitter and healthier, have had enough of your current job, would love to fulfil an ambition, we can help you to develop a new mind-set. With our help it will be possible to start a resolution on any day of the year and make it work.

So, next time you are looking for something to do to avoid the important job, contact us; it could be the most valuable distraction you’ve ever spent time on!