What are YOU scared of?

Having spoken with hundreds of people over the years and having helped the vast majority of them to overcome a crippling fear like some of these:

Fear of flying

Fear of public speakingOi you.

Fear of spiders or other type of animals / birds

Fear of balloons (texture and volatility)

Social Anxiety (very common amongst us introverts)

Fear of clowns (thank you Hollywood!)

Fear of Heights (even a few feet up)

Fear of death (yep – it’s a fear that a lot of us carry around…)

it still amazes me that more people don’t take action to control, reduce or even remove these fears.

Perhaps your fear is so much a part of you as a person that you don’t want to let it go?

Perhaps you worry that part of the coaching process would have you exposed to the very thing that gives you fear (apart from the death one – maybe)?

Perhaps you think that you’ll be made to look silly or ridiculed as part of the coaching?

All these thoughts are entirely normal.

At Fearless, I use laughter as well as other techniques to help you take charge of your inner demons. I will NEVER expose you to the things that cause you to panic, run, freeze or break out into a cold sweat. If you CHOOSE to re-experience those things after working with us, that is ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE and we can be there to hold your hand; except for the death thing – obviously. Oh, and I’m not going to be there with you after helping your claustrophobia – it’s just weird to want to drag yourself through potholes! It’s not a phobia, I just don’t enjoy it. Do I protest too much? Maybe… but I ain’t going back down that hole!

Every single conversation we have is confidential and you don’t have to reveal your innermost thoughts to lose a fear.

If the coaching is unsuccessful, you have a full no-quibble money back guarantee.

So what are you scared of?